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Posted : Dec 30, 2010 at 7:36AM

Love is one of the best feeling and emotion in the world. Although one may not be able to explain or define it properly, people come up with different ways to express their love for their beloved. One may come across couples who wear matching bracelets, charms, etc. in order to show their togetherness and commitment. However, if you are one of them and are looking for a permanent mark of your love and relationship, then you can go for the couple tattoos. Tattoo is one of the most popular art form today. A permanent tattoo is a design made by indelible ink on different parts of the body. So what are the different love tattoo ideas for married couples? Let us have a look.

Matching Love Tattoos for Couples
In most of the cases, couples go for matching tattoos that either portray their personalities or show the nature of the relationship. But one can even go for couple tattoos that are not exactly similar but portray the couple's love for each other. Here are some ideas on tattoos for couples in love.

Heart Tattoo
The heart is considered as the greatest universal symbol of love. It is one such symbol that is identified and related to love in nearly all parts of the world. The heart stands for love, commitment and relationship. Hence, matching heart tattoos are one of the best options for love tattoos for couples. On a bit of research, you will find many versions and stylish designs depicting the heart are available in the market and hence, you simply have endless options for it. You can personalize these tattoos by inscribing your beloveds name or initials on it. Read more on heart tattoos with names.

Most of the couples go for tattoos that contain only text and not any designs. Texts like 'We are together forever', 'I love you', 'Love is grand', 'You are the one and only', etc. You can even look for the equivalents of these in different languages and have them scripted in attractive styles and fonts. Secondly, name tattoos are also considered as one of the best tattoo ideas for couples. You may have several celebrities inscribing their beloved's or partner's name on their body. Even the names can be written in different scripts like the Devanagari, Kanji, Chinese, etc. to have a unique couple tattoo. Also, you can even have a short verse or a love poem tattooed on your body. Read more on tattoo lettering styles and designs.

Wedding Ring Tattoo
We know that the wedding or promise rings are used all over the world as a mark of commitment and promise of long lasting love. However, some couples go out the way and have a tattoo made that looks like a wedding or promise ring. These are known as wedding band tattoos. The wedding ring tattoos are very popular these days as love tattoos for couples as they symbolize all the aspects of a relationship. You can have matching rings with initials of your partner tattooed on your finger as it is a unique tattoo design for couples.

Apart from those mentioned above, one can even have different designs like the star or the cross tattooed on the body as they have deeper symbolic meanings. Also, the lock and the key is one of the most loved matching tattoos for couples. When thinking of the placement of these tattoos, they can be placed on any part of the body, but, they are mostly placed on arms, wrist, back, etc.

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